Experience Best Niagara Falls Benchmark Wine Tours!

A First Class exploration & insight into The Best Niagara Falls Wine Tours on how to harness the sun, love the land, marry a vineyard & the novel idea of turning grapes into wine!

Each one of our professionally tailored wine tours within the Niagara Falls and Toronto region are an exploration and pursuit of vineyard perfection!

With our corporate wine tours and accommodation​ packages you will have the opportunity to visit some of the best multiple unique wineries within the Niagara Falls and Toronto region while doing grand tours and structured tastings with an educational and interactive personal guide who has studied wine.

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Have you ever wondered what a years’ worth of sun, rain, wind, snow, along with unique rock and soil conditions tastes like…
if you could bottle it… well you can!

“Hop in with us, let’s go”… We’ll show you!

Niagara wine country, The Twenty Valley and Beamsville Bench in southern Ontario Canada has become one of the world’s fastest growing grape wine regions, very similar to Napa valley and Sonoma, essentially neighbors.

With our Niagara Falls grape wine tour packages you will explore each one of these amazing landscapes & various wineries learning about the differences of growing very specific grape varieties, while tasting the award winning wines in the beautiful boutiques along the way. Each appellation and soil condition gives the wines distinct, unique flavors and characteristics, which we will showcase and deliver to you in an inspirational & interactive forum from winery to winery when touring!

Even with our extensive wine knowledge and food and wine service background, our wine tour accommodation​ packages aren’t about who we are, it’s about the wine makers, the owners, the soils, the vineyards themselves, their unique style, all of which are full of life and waiting to be explored in the form of a glass of wine!

We also provide food and wine tours for corporate groups! Each region winery owner has its OWN way of doing things, just like we do. We strive to be as unique.  We feel it’s all about cultivating something with the utmost of care and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our talents.

Niagara Benchmark Wine Tours, the standard & benchmark in private wine tours for showcasing the best Niagara Wineries have to offer in, Jordan, Vineland the Beamsville Bench and Niagara on the lake wine regions.